A scathing 8 minute sermon jam on ‘The Apostasy, a Holy Remnant & and Gods Army,’ by David Wilkerson

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The late David Wilkerson reaffirms the Scriptures by warning how more and more pastors, professed Christians, and pseudo ‘churches’ would fall away. He then shared how he believes “God is doing something very hidden. It’s very quiet but it’s so awesome and supernatural. It’s beyond human comprehension…” And that the Lord will bring up and train up, a “Holy Remnant” that will be like an “Army.”

This is increasingly happening today. I (we) are seeing so many fall away. I’ve seen many false converts being created via unbiblical soteriologies.

However just as Wilkerson stated, I also see an Army being raised up. Many of those soldiers are the street preachers that are preaching the ‘whole counsel of the Word of God,’ out in the world. I see God saving a “holy remnant,” and they’re being raised up via open-air preachers. Thou their numbers are very small, the Mighty Lord is doing a mighty work thru them (street preachers).

Let us also pray for the abolitionists, whom are turning this world upside down outside abortuaries, and at other venues. To God be the glory!

There’s a lot of meat in this 8 minute video. Mr. Wilkerson until I see you in heaven, you’ve been tagged (again).

Disclaimer: This is not an IPOC video, it was created by OPureBride.

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