My thoughts on the signing of the New York Reproductive Health Act (babies can now be murdered at full-term)

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Disclaimer: Regardless of the age of the unborn fetus, abortion is murder.

Last week New York legislators passed the Reproductive Health Act, which Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law. This new law allows pregnant mothers to make a “decision” to murder her baby at the full-term of their pregnancy. The word “homicide” has been omitted from the current existing statute.

“Today we are taking a giant step forward in the hard-fought battle to ensure a woman’s right to make her own decisions about her own personal health, including the ability to access an abortion.” – Gov. Andrew Cuomo

I can’t say enough as to how much I hate the wrong use of that word decision. To decide whether or not you can murder your own child, is as nefarious as making a decision for salvation. Except when a mother makes a decision to kill her own child, that decision does result in a drastic change.

This new law has caused many Christians to reevaluate their effectiveness and strategies, within their pro-life ministries.

Though I may stand outside an abortion mill today in California pleading for life, while attempting to preach the Gospel. But under this new law, I believe it would be immoral for me  to merely stand at a curb in the state of New York, while they murder a full-term baby inside. Under these new conditions, and secondary to the preaching of the Gospel, to truly interpose on behalf of a baby, would be to enter the “clinic,” and forcefully take the full-term child against their will; and save that baby’s life. If this could be accomplished without seriously injuring anyone on the inside, then perhaps it is time?

If murdering the full-term baby is no longer against the law, then how could kidnapping that baby be so wrong? Perhaps the Lord might bring up a new ministry / orphanage, but if so, this operation would have to go dark; and work underground. Because of this post, I could not be part of it.

I know former military and law enforcement that are well trained in high risk building entries, and even some in clandestine relocations. Just for starts this team would consist of various elements and equipment. Including but not limited to, a team to cut all phone lines, and jam all cellphones, to temporarily incapacitate armed security, concussion grenades, door breaching tools, an entry team, less than lethal munitions, a search and rescue team, and one paramedic. And all of this, including the departure of the team (with the baby), must be accomplished prior to the arrival of the police.

But the reality is, because the pro-life ministry is so divided (even divided amongst the same denomination), who could you trust to be part of it? Moreover, the logistics would be very complex. And the only way these entry teams would know when and where the appointments of these full-term mothers are; is by having a person working on the inside.

But I wouldn’t want to be outside Gods will either. Truth is, the Lord is sovereign, and if He wanted abortion to stop now, He could have done so this second. I sometimes wonder if abortion is part of God’s judgement upon amerika. But it’s just a thought, maybe even a prayer, actually lots of prayer seeking God’s will.

In my below video you can watch the legislators celebrate their abomination.

Watch the legislators celebrate their abomination
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