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Pastor compares Disney World to Heaven while administering Baptism

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We live in a time when Bereans are quickly slandered by wrongfully being called a “legalist,” “lacking grace,” or being “too critical.” So, I sought counsel from a group of Reformers asking them if my criticism of this baptism (video below) ‘would be a hill worth dying on, or that I might be too critical in this regard.’ 

One of their responses was “Baptism is always a hill worth dying,” and his further observations were very similar to mine. 

Another made this wise and discerning observation. 

“I saw this video the other day and I believe the pastor was irreverent in how he carried out this baptism. Christ took the wrath of the Father so we may have new life and experience the joy of baptism, so our only joy in this moment should be because of what His sacrifice accomplished.

And the question he asked should not have been, “does he love you?”. Nearly every young child will happily say “yes”. The question should be, “do you love and treasure Christ and does He know you?”. I think it’s worth commenting on. Baptism is very joyful but also sacred.”

Therefore, let me move on with my blog post.

I understand this is a little girl, so my criticism is not directed at her. But perhaps the pastor was derelict in his duties for allowing this baptism to take place or continue. 

  1. Did she make a believable profession of faith before this baptism?
  2. If so, is she old enough to understand the Gospel?
  3. If so, did she understand and/or articulate the Gospel?
  4. If not, then how was her profession with her lips a salvific regeneration from the heart? We’re called to repent, believe, and even obey the Gospel.
  5. Another observation from the above was “I wonder how many Elders interviewed that little girl?”
  6. When she made the comment about “Disneyworld,” why didn’t the Pastor or Elder press pause and further examine her mindset, rather than add more insult to injury?

The two holy ordinances of the Lord’s church are baptism & communion, both are visible manifestations of the Gospel, they are sacramental demonstrations of His means of grace, and neither should be taken lightly. I suspect this girl does not understand the Gospel or Baptism. And if she does not, this should have never occurred.   

Furthermore, to compare the sinister Disney, Disney World, or Disneyland and their filthy lucre to a sinless glorification in heaven is foolish, perhaps even blasphemy.

One person commented on one thread to this below video, “Chill, even God laughs in heaven!” That’s such a low view of God and His Scriptures. Yes, the Bible does speak of God laughing. But His Holy laughter is not funny, coarse jesting, or blasphemy. 

As it says Psalm 2:5-6, 

“He who sits in the heavens shall laugh; The Lord shall hold them in derision. Then He shall speak to them in His wrath, and distress them in His deep displeasure: “Yet I have set My King On My holy hill of Zion.”

I recommend studying the entire second chapter.  

The Lord (‘ădônây), the Master of the universe is not sitting in heaven laughing at jokes as we might. But God, who sits in heaven (yâshab) laughs (śâchaq) at such an irreverent view of His ordinances. His Holy laughter, an expression of His sovereignty, will righteously mock and scoff at sin and sinners.

Are you still laughing like the congregation was in the video? Do you still think this video was funny? According to the world’s standards, perhaps it was funny. But according to the standards of the Scriptures and Theology, I say not.

Before you break the Ninth Commandment by wrongfully accusing me of legalism, read on. 

In today’s Christendom, many are quick to slanderously pull the legalism card as fast as the woke crowd calls a conservative a racist. Here Jim Savastro gives an excellent definition of what legalism is and is not.

 “Legalism is not a strict and conscientious life of obedience to the commands of Scripture. Legalism is not pressing Biblical duty upon a person. To expound the Word of God and then apply that word to the hearts and consciences of the people of God is not browbeating and it is not legalism.

Legalism, basically speaking, has three prongs to it. First, it is the mentality of a works righteousness – that is, the idea of my good works earn my salvation or secure my salvation before God. Second, and this is closely related, it is enforcing into practice regulations which God has fulfilled in Christ. This was part and parcel of the Galatian heresy – dietary laws, circumcision, feast days, and sacrifices were added to the work of Christ to ensure that one was truly saved. Third, legalism is when those in authority preach their own traditions in place of the Word of God. In Matthew 15:9, Jesus calls this, “teaching as doctrines the commandments of men.”

Source: A New Exposition of the London Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689 (Ventura) Page 386

And now the video of the aforementioned baptism.

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