Short video on ‘The Fear of God has been lost, & the many false converts,’ by Richard Owen Roberts

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I am thankful for the wisdom that we can gleam from our elderly brethren. As we know and expect, the non-saved world has disregarded the elderly. This is also present within corporate America. But sadly even local churches are segregating their elderly into separate Bible studies geared only for the older folks.

Imagine if the churches across America weren’t trying to be all hip and cool. Imagine if the boys, the youth, and the young men sat under elderly men like this. Imagine the same with our sisters. I could only imagine.

In this video Richard Owen Roberts speaks on the absence of the ‘fear of God’ in the professed church. Emphasis added on the word ‘professed’ church. The truly saved bride of Christ truly does fear the Lord.

For years now I’ve been concentrating more on the health of the church, and less on the health of our nation. In this video Mr. Roberts said it best. “The absence of the fear of God has resulted in the degragation of the nation in every conceivable realm. Now what I see happening in these churches that are flourishing, that are drawing great crowds that are adding rapidly to their membership. Is every new false convert that is added to the church of Christ, cheapens the message of the Gospel, and brings the nation down another rung in true Godliness and holiness?”

Roberts then goes on to say, “That there are multitudes of churches and pastors that have no hope whatsoever, until they get on their faces before God and repent, of the sham-Christianity that they are presenting.”

Repent – fear God – keep His commandments – believe in and trust Jesus – obey the Gospel – share the Gospel – preach the Gospel – contend for the faith, – and endure to the end!

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