Video completing Gold Mountain & both John Bull trails (four wheeling)

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My wife and I enjoyed spending ‘Labor Day’ with a wonderful group of fellow off-roaders.

First we did a run through Gold Mountain (see my wife’s video from two-months ago), then the Rock Garden. Then our stellar Trail Leader and Trail Gunner got us through both little John Bull, and big John Bull trails – without any bloodshed.

We enjoyed taking our time to enjoy the sights, taking nice breaks, enjoying each other; and a great lunch. – Bill

Music provided by: Tarzan then Blade of Blood by Tom Player. Alexander Nevsky Rides to Battle by Paradox Interactive. Then Battle of Los Angeles Hymn by Brian Tyler.
Dragon Attack by Epic Score. Then Emperors Orders by Epic Score, Fight of Honor
by Epic Score. Then Galactic Eclipse by Epic Score, Guardians at the Gate
by Audiomachine, and Warriors Code by Epic Score.

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