Video of Christians arrested in Florida, for holding pro-life signs & reading Bible near the residence of abortuary CEO

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Pro-lifers arrested in FloridaLast month Christians were arrested for holding pro-life signs on Aloma Avenue, in the city of Winter Park, Florida.

Their city council passed a city ordinance creating a “no free speech zone.” Some cities have “gun free zones,” this city has ‘speech free zones.’

The only city official that voted against this unconstitutional ordinance was Mayor Kenneth Bradley. Kudos to Mr. Bradley.

It is a shame when local city council members create local laws, that undermine the U.S. Constitution.

Christians should not be surprised, dismayed, nor discouraged. We should be enCOURAGED, as we come closer to the end times. We must be put on the whole armor of God, and be ready in and out of season.

The Inland Police Officers Coalition, Inc. is adamantly against any city ordinance that prevent Christians from preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, or from peacefully displaying signage.

What was the illegal contraband that these Christian criminals had in their possession? This quote reveals it all. “I held a video camera, Professor Pat McEwen read a blue leather bound Bible, Cheryl Bischoff had a sign that said “Celebrate Life” with a picture of some cute babies.” This is our new America.

For a detailed history of this incident (with more videos,) go to their below YouTube description field.

Watch as these peaceful Christians are handcuffed and hauled off like common criminals. The police department ought to be ashamed of themselves for enforcing this law.

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