Video of Open-Air preacher Don Harman being arrested by San Francisco police officer

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crimesceneLast month open-air preacher Don Harman was preaching the Gospel in San Francisco. San Francisco police officer D. Williams badge #409, detained Don for “standing on and/or blocking the sidewalk.”

You can tell by Harman’s voice tone and comments, that he was probably frustrated from being the subject of selective enforcement. According to Harmon’s video, the only SFPD officer he’s had problems with, is this officer.

This detention and would-be citation, escalated into his arrest.

I’m not criticizing the preacher, because I was not there. But in all fairness, perhaps the arrest could have been avoided? Officer Williams did ask him to “make easy for me.” True the citizens are not required by law, to “make it easy” on the police. But it might have prevented this arrest.

Regardless I believe it’s reasonable to say, that this officer probably did not like the Gospel preached. The District Attorneys office later dismissed the charges. Keep preaching Don.

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