Video: Sermon excerpts of the late Philip Powell preaching

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A truly saved Christian will be willing to lay down their life for the cause of Christ.

According to the description field, “Philip Powell was born in 1939. He went to glory on Sunday 26th April 2015. Born in Wales he met a lot of gifted servants of God in his youth which impacted his ministry. He knew Martyn Lloyd Jones during his UK ministry.”

“There’s a new emerging preacher group coming up. They’re linked to the street preachers, that you’re involved in that yeah. And it’s a force that is rising, that’s going across Australia. And it’s going to bring in the purpose of God, if He gives us time, a revolution within the church of Jesus Christ. It will undercut, under mind, cause to shake and ultimately come down; all of the false Gospels that has been going forth. I believe we’re gonna see something, but we must not lack courage. Some of us they have tried to silence… but we must not pull back, we must be courageous, we must go forward even to the point of martyrism” – Philip Powell (1939-2015)

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