“When pastors blame sin and suicide on ‘mental problems,’ and ‘disease;’ and a video of the doctrine missing in many churches.”

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RegenerationI’m sure many can relate to this. Suicide has knocked on many of our doors. Extended members of our family were stricken by the horrors of suicide. Suicide nearly took the life of another much closer to me. I have lost friends to suicide; and some of them were police officers. To the best of my knowledge, none of the aforementioned were saved. Decades ago, I nearly took my own life.

Having said that, by the grace of God, so go I. In the name of grace, I will not mention the names of the pastors noted here.

Many notable pastors are commenting online about a pastors’ son who sadly recently killed himself. My condolences and prayers go out to this pastors family, especially his mother.

However all these fellow pastors are blaming this persons decision to kill himself, on either “mental problems,” and/or a “disease.” None of these pastors have mentioned sin, depravity, and/or any relationship with Christ (or lack of.)

I’m not denying the fact that ‘mental’ problems can be a contributing factor. I too had struggled with PTSD. Either way, we must not shift all the blame there.

Folks, back in 1986 when I once considered blowing my brains out, it wasn’t a ‘disease’ that caused me to consider suicide. It was SIN, selfishness, and an un-regenerated depraved heart (and with a little help by Satan.)

Pastors need to keep psychology out of the church. They must quit trusting in pills and doctors. The sinner must repent, trust in, and submit to Christ; allowing God to do a thorough heart surgery on them. Unless we do that, the sinner will never have victory over sin.

We must resist the urge to acquiesce to this unbiblical love, and false gospel of blame shifting. I would encourage you to study the “doctrine of regeneration.” Beg God, and cry out for His mercy, healing, salvation, and regeneration.

A doctrine lost in many churches, the ‘doctrine of regeneration,’ by Paul Washer

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