A must read ‘Where are the Reformers Today?,’ by John J. Murray

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This is a must read for Christians. Yes this is a serious problem today, as so many ‘professing’ Christians compromise. But I would be careful shifting all the blame to the “church.” The Lords truly saved blood bought born-again church is beautiful. The problem is due to unbiblical Soteriologies, these buildings that we wrongfully call “church” are full of false converts. Or they do not know how to disciple, train-up, equip, and send-out. But as a Reformed Baptist, I must be objective (not subjective). Even some of our reformers today, are like the church of Sardis, and/or Laodicea, and they too must repent.

The Author stated, “There is no doubt that Western civilisation needs to rise up against the forces that oppose it. The question is: Where is the body with the moral fibre to undertake that fight? It should be the role of the Christian church, which is rightly designated as the ‘church militant’.”

I’ll tell you where the “body with the moral fibre” are. They do not just attend the building that we call “church,” they are being the church. They are in the gutters, the highways and hedges. They are the open-air preachers that are Heralds of the Gospel. No not all of them, but those that are truly Christ-centric, and Gospel-centered.

Moreover, as I’ve said before, it is the Heralds in the streets that work in stressful, unsafe, unpredictable, uncontrolled, unrehearsed, and even dangerous work environments, all of which is done free of salary.

Where are the Reformers Today?, by John J. Murray


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