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John 17 – The High Priestly Prayer (preached today at my Church) 📢⛪📣

In this chapter we will see God’s sovereignty and the Doctrine of the Trinity throughout. We will also see the doctrines of predestination, election, limited atonement (a particular atonement), intersession, the preeminence of Christ, and the perseverance of the saints. We will divide this ‘priestly prayer’ and this sermon into three parts, In verses 1-5

American pastor charged with an “act of terrorism” in Turkey

This is to be expected in countries like Turkey. But it’s already occurring in America, as street preachers are increasingly being assaulted and arrested for preaching in the streets. It’s interesting to see the online chatter, as to how some Christians in America are responding to this. Christians within America ought to respond with more

The United States Supreme Court has begun hearing the case ‘Masterpiece Cakeshop vs. Colorado Civil Rights Commission’ (Re the ‘Homosexuals that sued the Christian Baker) – Prayers needed

UPDATE 06/03/18: The U.S Supreme Court ruled in a 7-2 decision, in partial favor of the Baker. However had the SCOTUS ruled against the Baker, Christians must obey God’s Law over mans. More about the courts decision here. I urge all Christians to begin praying for this court and their justices. Moreover, Jack Phillips and his

Update on my heart failure (June 2017 – revised in July)

Since my Cardiac Arrest my Doctors have been closely monitoring the progress of my heart. I’ve have reasonable strength, but only for a short while. So last week my Cardiologist told me to walk longer, to increase my “endurance.” But since my heart is now “Pacemaker reliant,” I was apprehensive to walk too far (lacking

My video ‘To resuscitate or not resuscitate’ (an update on my heart failure – next procedure – Hitting the crossroads of Philippians chapter 1, between verses 21 thru 23 (to die and be with the Lord), to verses 24 thru 26, (to remain alive and be fruitful)

Note: I fully understand that God is Sovereign King over all things, and none of us have the ability to stay alive (nor die) if it is not the Lords will. Hitting the crossroads of Philippians chapter 1, between verses 21 thru 23 (to die and be with the Lord), to verses 24 thru 26,

Video on ‘I died and came back to life – three times – what did I experience?’ (update on heart failure – Feb 2017)

In this video I cover the cardioversion, the cardiac arrests, being clinically dead (what did I experience), the Implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (aka ICD), encouraging Scriptures, the hospital, needing to change from open-air preaching vs other methods (for a season), my recovery, giving thanks, and what about you? FYI I forgot to explain what the Law of