An Elder’s Wife Breaks Free of Beth Moore, she and her husband approach their Pastor

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This is an excellent article and personal testimony of an Elders wife, who later discerned that Beth Moore was a false teacher. Take note as to how she went to her husband for counsel, and then went under his covering. I love how her husband (an Elder) then took an unpopular stance against their own compromising Pastor.

All too often Elders are ‘buddies’ with the Pastor, hence the Elder(s) will rarely rock the boat when necessary. They become man-pleasers, rather than God-pleasers. As I’ve said before, when nepotism and cronyism creeps into our churches, it negatively effects leadership; and the sheep suffer.

Yes this couple did cause some division, but in a Biblical way, and their efforts yielded healthy fruit. We need more Elders and Elders wives like this.

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