Video on the ‘Truth About Sinless Perfection: Angry Preaching, Bad Attitudes, & Be Ye Perfect, Answered,’ by Nephtali (a documentary film about the actions of a particular group of street ‘preachers’)

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Earlier this year I wrote a short article entitled “The Apostle Paul’s attitude towards other preachers that he did not agree with.” The purpose of the article was to encourage Christians to support the open-air preacher community. Moreover, that open-air preachers would support each other. Unless of course they are engaging in either ‘false teachings’ and/or ‘hate mongering.’

Five days ago on Facebook I posted an appalling video entitled “Open-Air Preaching Shakes-up Flathead Valley, Montana.”  This was my first time ever posting about this Los Angeles based street ‘preacher’ group. However I believe this group fits the criteria of both ‘hate mongering’ and ‘false teachings’ (specifically the doctrine of ‘sinless perfectionism.’) Sinless perfectionism is where the person believes that they no longer sin (ever), and that they are “perfect.”

Having said all that. Brother Nephtali (Tali) had seen the aforementioned video, and he prayerfully made a video documentary about it. Tali talks about the two extremes. Those that believe they are now sinless, and those that abuse Gods grace (or as he quoted me saying -“graceholics”).

Enjoy this video, great job brother Tali.

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