IPOC Financial Report for 2018 – as of 12/26/18

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In the interest of disclosure and transparency, here is our 2018 financial report, as of 12/26/18.

This does not include my own ‘out of pocket’ expenses, which I spend from my own personal income.

So far this year our tax deductible contributions are currently at $2,717.56. Our total expenses are currently at $2,818.62. Below is a breakdown of those expenses.

Carried over from 2017 $140.24

Total Income $2,717.56
Gas $521.24 (gasoline costs were much higher, but most of my gas was paid for with cash from my own retirement income)
Bank Service Charges $160.00
Computer maintenance $41.19
Merchant Services $92.63
Postage $194.00
Printing (our own Gospel tracts) $1,809.56.

Total Expenses $2,818.62
A year-end balance of $99.15.

Needless to say, as a fiscal conservative, this is not much money spent considering the fact that this enabled me to share the Gospel with approximately 100,000 people (via public preaching & the distribution of tracts). True had there been more income, I would have traveled more. However I am content that this was the Lord’s will for 2018. Lord willing I hope to do more next year.

I want to thank those that have contributed. I also want to thank those that pray for this ministry. For the glory of God, by the grace of God.

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