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The Silicon Valley Bank collapse and more things to come

Like many others, over the last two years, my wife & I have lost money that we’ve invested in retirement accounts, etcetera. But we know the Lord decrees these things, perhaps as His inevitable judgment. As this worsens, sadly, people with no hope will sinfully commit suicide. But by faith, we do not complain but

Franklin Graham, Kirk Cameron and others join hands with a heretic, a homosexual advocate, and worldly entertainers for the Hope Rising COVID-19 Benefit Concert 💲🤑💰

According to entertainment media icon TV Insider, many well-known professing Christians are joining hands with a heretic, a pro-homosexual advocate, and worldly entertainers to raise money for Franklin Graham’s Samaritan’s Purse ministry. TV Insider stated that, “Music has been a powerful source of comfort, hope and overall entertainment for so many during these uncertain times.

A look at the book ‘Biblical Eldership,’ by Alexander Strauch

One of the greatest setbacks amongst some denominations, is they have too many extra-biblical requirements for the office of elder, as well as for membership, and/or other positions. At one church, I was in the process of becoming a member. But they were a little taken back by my open-air ministry. To become a member they

2019 Financial update, and 10,000 more Gospel tracts

In keeping our word for ‘financial transparency,’ the following is our ‘year to date’ financial report for 2019. Income: $1,193.71 Expense:  $497.50 A breakdown of those expenses: Bank charges $128.00 Computer / web site maintenance $142.50 Credit card merchant services $50.00 Franchise Tax Board $50.00 Postage / PO Box rental $53.00 Conferences & meetings $48.00

The fall of The Potter’s Field Ministry

According to below article, the well-known Potter’s Field Ministry (led by Michael & Pam Rozell) has been found-out for alleged sexual and financial shenanigans. To learn these folks were making “millions’ does not surprise me. But the primary blame should be upon the churches and professing Christians that enabled them for so long, with their

IPOC Financial Report for 2018 – as of 12/26/18

In the interest of disclosure and transparency, here is our 2018 financial report, as of 12/26/18. This does not include my own ‘out of pocket’ expenses, which I spend from my own personal income. So far this year our tax deductible contributions are currently at $2,717.56. Our total expenses are currently at $2,818.62. Below is

The Glorious Gospel – my Gospel Tract

The Glorious Gospel by Bill Rhetts (This is the content of our new Gospel Tract entitled “The Herald”) The Bible says that in the beginning God created the heavens, and the earth, and everything in it; and He said “It was good” (Genesis 1&2). But because of the sin of the First Adam (in the

A ‘year to date’ report on IPOC finances – as of 09-30-16

I thought I’d give a ‘year to date’ report on our IPOC finances. This does not include my own ‘out of pocket’ expenses, which I spend from my own personal income (which is very limited). This is solely from those that contribute to IPOC Ministries. So far this year our tax deductible contributions are currently