Oregon Court Rules that Christian Bakers Aaron and Melissa Klein Must Pay $135,000 to Lesbian Couple

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This is sad news. First the Christian Baker in Colorado, and now these Christian Bakers in Oregon.

According to Todd Starnes web site, and a court filing, this lesbian couple “alleged they had suffered depression, embarrassment, hysteria, impaired digestion, nervous appetite, weight gain, and mental anguish. They also said they felt “mentally raped.”

But to add more insult to injury, “Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian waged a one-man, political jihad against the Kleins – demanding that they be rehabilitated – presumably because of their devout Christian beliefs regarding marriage.”

The Scriptures forewarned the Church, that those who desire to live Godly in Christ Jesus, will suffer persecution (2 Timothy 3:12). Amen on that, as this is an evidence of salvation. But on the other hand, what is disheartening, is that America is full of ‘professing’ (alleged) Christians, Pastors, and local Churches, that have sold their souls to the Devil in this regard, as they compromise, or become amoral. But I am thankful for these Bakers. The Lord is using them to encourage other Christians.

Please pray for this Christian couple, and yes, pray for the lesbian couples salvation.

The article by Todd Starnes can be read here (see video below) ~

Oregon Court Rules Christian Bakery Must Pay $135,000 to Lesbian Couple

UPDATE: Here’s a video of Aaron and Melissa Klein speaking out


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