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Sermon jam on Biblical Repentance, by Leonard Ravenhill. And the investigation of a church

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Leonard RavenhillHe gave a prolific analogy of the millions that die in Ethiopia and Africa. He described the women as she breastfeeds her baby with her “withered breast.” The babies’ glands are so swollen, that the baby can’t even get fed.

He said this is exactly how the church within America is dying. My observations are most that attend these churches, don’t even realize it. Their pastors are no longer watering them down with the whole council of the Word of God (Acts 20:25-31.) Instead, they are watering down the Word, as they give their truncated sermonettes.

I highly suspect that these pastors water down the word, to avoid the possibility of anyone being offended. I mean after all, if people left their church, they may not meet their staffs’ payroll and mortgage payments.

I did a civil investigation of one church. It was learned that out of there one million dollars, that they took in every Sunday; that 85% of that money went right to their staffs payroll.

Many churches are becoming more like big government. More costs, and more spending. But, they call their taxes, “tithes and offerings.” Sadly, the rest of that money didn’t even go back to the real church (the body of Christ.) Click here for a sermon jam regarding that investigation.

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