Short video on “Christians have something better than miracles” (an excerpt from Pastor Alan P)

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For a brief time I had the privilege of sitting under this mans preaching. The following excerpt is the closing remarks from his sermon on 1 Kings 17:17-24. The Lord used him to exhort the congregation to become “skillful swordsmen,” and to preach the Gospel out in the public realm. I hope this encourages you, as much as it did me. Lord let me continue to be “dangerous to our society,” or as Paul Washer said “scandalous.”

A sign of a biblical and healthy church, is they will send-out Heralds into their own Jerusalem. Which is a nice way of saying that if they do not, they are neither biblical nor healthy. Though it is preferred that Christians (or Evangelists) be sent-out by their own local church. Nevertheless the Scriptures command them to share (or preach) His glorious Gospel out in the public realm. As Pastor Charles McIlhenny said, “You don’t have to be ordained to be a Chaplain, or a Minister.” One of the five pillars of the Reformation is Sola Scriptura. Let’s us not just believe Sola Scriptura in theory only, but let us practice it.

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