Video evangelizing at the 2014 Emmy Awards (LAPD gets Gospel citations from me, edited abbreviated version)

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I arrived three hours early. It was more difficult to reach the people than I had thought. I was able to hand out about 200 Gospel tracts on the inside courtyard, but security escorted me outside.

While waiting for the crowds outside, I decided to hand out tracts to law enforcement (LAPD & CHP). The following observation applies to all non saved peoples. The cop that refused the tract at time-stamp 1:42 won’t be standing before Christ with that proud look. He will be falling on the ground crying, pleading, and begging. But if he’s not born-again, it will be too late then.

I am sorry to report that my GoPro camera died, nor did I have my backup. This is a fraction of the many hours of work (before my battery died).

Regarding my witnessing to the police officers. To watch another video where I open-air preached to a platoon of LAPD officers, click here.


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