Video of Brother Ronnie enduring much heckling, physical pushing, heathens disabling his headset, and beer thrown on him as he heralds the glorious Gospel at the Seattle Sounders Soccer game

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My esteemed brother Ronnie endures a lot in this short must see video. From serious heckling, to physical pushing, to heathens disabling his headset, as well as beer thrown on him.|

Naturally the world hates the open-air preaching of the Gospel. But unnaturally many that profess to be born-again do not approve of this. Satan would love Ronnie to stop preaching and engage in casual conversationalism. But had Ronnie complied with the hecklers demand, the masses would not have heard his urgent warning.

Ronnie displayed enough discernment and courage to see the much bigger picture ahead. Perhaps the HUGE crowd at the end was whom this was for. There is a masculinity crisis in today’s churchianity, but not in Ronnie’s boots.

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