Video of Fort Worth police sergeant Jones being a tyrant and a spirit of Jezebel, as she displays her disdain towards men and Christians

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JezebelMy brief analysis: This analysis may seem a little harsh, but bear in mind that Sergeant Jones is unlawfully stopping the righteous works of the Lord.

This police officer (Sergeant Jones) is rude, obnoxious, unprofessional, and bears the fruit of the spirit of Jezebel. Biblically speaking she is most likely an enemy of Christ (and the wrath of God abides upon her). She seems to be a hater of men, as she treats them as if they were they were her own little boys. Her pink cup (which is also unprofessional), should never be held in her gun hand (very tactically unsound). No police officer has the authority to tell you to “shut your mouth.” She then tells a Christian man that he “can’t think through” things. If this sergeant is married, her husband is probably one miserable man. I suspect those other officers may be embarrassed to work under her as well.

It’s interesting that this all occurred at a Joyce Meyers conference. The world is full of gender confusion, but sadly we see gender confusion in some churches, and ministries as well. Joyce Meyers is in the forefront of this madness. She’s often behind the pulpit preaching and teaching over men, while her husband’s behind the curtains. More and more women are being masculinized, while their husbands are being feminized. Gender confusion belongs to the world system, but sadly it’s infiltrated the church. It’s infiltrated the pro-life ministry as well.

I am not criticizing these Christians in any way, as it’s easy for me to say this from my desk. But I probably would not have obeyed Jezebels unlawful orders. This would have been worth challenging in a court of law. However, if they were arrested, their video would have been confiscated, and probably deleted. Hence, then it would be the Sergeants words against theirs.

Nevertheless, these men and woman of the Abolitionist Society did a fine job. I hope they filed a formal complaint with their Internal Affairs Division, and sought-out legal counsel. As I’ve said before, our own local law enforcement will be used in the persecution of the church. Therefore pray for your law enforcement, and whenever possible share the Gospel with them. Here’s one video open-air preaching to officers, and another video engaging in one on one evangelism with two officers.

Brethren remain steadfast in their faith, and do not flinch in the face of adversity. Onward Christian soldiers.

Update: Please see comments below for any further updates regarding Sgt Jones.

Joyce Meyer and the Fort Worth PD have the Abolitionist Society of Fort Worth illegally detained


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