Video of ‘The Clash of Two Kingdoms at Hooters Bar at the Daytona 500’, by Ronnie

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Brother Ronnie, Michael and their team was able to herald the Gospel to tens of thousands of souls at this large event / stadium. As Ronnie preached to many at this outdoor Hooters party, their MC preached another Gospel from his stage microphone. This exchange between Ronnie and the MC was spiritual warfare to say the least. Ronnie advised me that “many” people ‘professing’ to be Christians were partying and engaging in various sins at this party.

The MC reminds me of what is coming out a large ‘church’ here in Redlands. A sloppy agape (an unbiblical love), a greasy grace (an unbiblical grace), and easy-believism. The book of Jude warns us of those that ‘turn the grace of God into lasciviousness.’ Biblical grace does not give us liberty or freedom ‘to sin.’ It gives us liberty or freedom ‘from our sin.’ Sadly what this worldly Hooter MC preaches from the inside, is what is being taught in so many ‘churches’ today.

Jesus said that if you loved Him, you would keep His commandments. Jesus said if you love the things of this world, then the love of the Father is not in you. James said that those practicing wordiness are enemies of Christ. Jesus said the way to hell is “wide” and “many” will find it, but the way to heaven is “narrow” and “few” will find it. Jesus also said that “many” false converts will be cast away. Who are you going to believe? These greasy gracers and their emergent pastors? Or the Word of God (and preachers like Ronnie)?

I am so thankful for the street preacher that pulled me out of a bar years ago, and Biblically rebuked me. The Lord has since delivered me from that toxic poison, as well as from emergent ‘churches.’ Henceforth the only time I enter a bar now, is to share or herald the Gospel. However never to sit down, never to blend-in, and to not even have a drink of water. And always with a witness, and/or video. Thank you Ronnie and team for contending for the faith.

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