Video on ‘Follow Me’ (and the unbiblical sinners prayer), by David Platt

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Why do pastors (and alleged evangelists) still do this? The reason is Satan. But I believe there are many other ‘causations.’ Following are three of them. Each one could be subcategorized with other contributing factors.

1) These pastors (or evangelists) are deceived, or
2) The pastors (or evangelists) are the actual deceivers.
3) To fill their pews, to keep paying their large staffed payrolls, and mortgages.

We must repent from the sinners prayer heresy. We must repent from this ‘acceptance Gospel.’ Nowhere in the Bible did Jesus say “accept Me into your heart.” Could you imagine reducing the Lord of lords and King of kings into an ‘acceptance?’

  • We don’t accept Him, He accepted us
  • We don’t chose Him, He chose us
  • We love Him, because He first loved us
  • We didn’t “find the Lord” (as I used to say.) We were lost, therefore it was HIM that found us.

We must repent from this false deity of ‘me, myself, and I.’ We must repent from forming Jesus into a figment of our own imagination (idolatry,) but we must submit to the image of Jesus, as the Christ.

Beloved if you call yourself a Christian because you “accepted” Jesus into your heart, or ‘repeated a prayer’ you are deceived by a false gospel. Therefore you may be lost. For more about this, please watch my video entitled “The Bourne Identity of a Christian; false converts, the sinners prayer, & the acceptance gospel.”

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