Love is love, but what is love? by Martyn Iles

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This is an excellent video commentary on Biblical love by Martyn Lles. But it could be theologically dangerous to share this with an anonymous internet audience without this disclaimer.

Gods’ love comes with much exclusivity. According to the Scriptures, this below noted love is only for Gods elect, those born again. And when Lles refers to “us,” us is the elect.

Furthermore, today’s post-modern Christendom wrongfully teaches a “common grace” for the lost, but you won’t find the phrase “common grace” in the Scriptures. Frankly, there is nothing common about the grace and love of God. Regretfully, as a former Arminian, I used to heretically declare the lost saved, as we abused Gods grace (Romans 6:15-23, Jude 4).

Biblical love is not today’s sloppy agapē. It is not a secular worldly sensual love. It does not tolerate, accept, nor acquiesce to sin. As a matter of fact, for further definitions of what Biblical love is, read 1 Corinthians 5, 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, and Ephesian 5:1-21.

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