Video open-air preaching at an abortion mill, whereas many ‘professing’ Christians were present, and the police respond (all private conversations were removed)

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xBy Gods grace today I was able to put my boots back on the ground. I bet these landscapers didn’t realize they would be attending a church service. That’s where pulpits should also be, in the gutters, the highways, hedges, and byways.

Yesterday I had shared on Facebook that sadly many ‘professing’ Christians were at this abortion mill. A Facebook friend that I’ve known for decades, commented with the following regarding this outreach, “Fortunately for each of us, God loves us even when we sin while professing to follow Him. His gift of Jesus is the continual proof of that love.”

She then encouraged me to make sure these people at this Abortuary understood that. The problem with her comment, is it is not entirely biblical. I don’t think that she fully understands the doctrines of God, and the Holy wrath that took place on that Cross, and that Christ fully satisfied the wrath of God for His church only.

What these ‘professing’ Christians entering an abortion mill need to hear, is the whole counsel of the Word of God. Otherwise the blood of men will be on my hands (Acts 20:25-28), that there is a goodness and severity of God (Romans 11:22), that the attributes of God are also hatred of sins, that He’s a God of justice, and holiness, etcetera, and that if a person is truly saved, the Lord will have granted them repentance. Repentance is not the ‘cause’ of salvation, repentance is ‘because’ of salvation.

Bear in mind that a ‘profession’ of faith is not salvific. Though I cannot know for certain if these people that ‘profess’ to be saved – are saved or are not. Nonetheless the LORD Jesus forewarned that He will cast away “many” false converts that ‘professed’ to know Him. The proper question is, does He know them (Matthew 7:21-23).

Charles H. Spurgeon, the prince of preachers said it best.

“If the professed convert distinctly and deliberately declares that he knows the Lord’s will but does not mean to attend to it, you are not to pamper his presumption, but it is your duty to assure him that he is not saved. Do not suppose that the Gospel is magnified or God glorified by going to the worldlings and telling them that they may be saved at this moment by simply accepting Christ as their Savior, while they are wedded to their idols, and their hearts are still in love with sin. If I do so I tell them a lie, pervert the Gospel, insult Christ, and turn the grace of God into lasciviousness.”

You’re not going to hear great sermons outside abortion mills. As Charles Spurgeon said, “Let eloquence be flung to the dogs rather than souls be lost. What we want is to win souls. They are not won by flowery speeches.”

“If I knew I were one of God’s elect, I would come to Christ; but I fear I am not.” … To you I answer: Nobody ever came to Christ because he knew himself to be one of the elect… It is quite true that God has of His mere good pleasure elected some to everlasting life, but they never knew it until they believed in Christ… Christ nowhere invites the elect to come to Him. He commands all men everywhere to repent and believe the Gospel… The question for you is not, ‘Am I one of the elect?’ But, ‘Am I a sinner,”’ Christ came to save sinners.” ~ Robert Murray M’Cheyne (1813-1843).

“Real repentance is a radical change of mind, heart and will. A total change of the total person, hating what God hates, loving what He loves.” ~ Dr. Steven Lawson

“The Christian world is in a deep sleep; nothing but a loud shout can awaken them out of it.” ~ George Whitefield.

Both San Bernardino police officers were 100% respectful and professional. I am thankful for their service.

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