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An Exposition of Psalm 19, by Pastor Bill Rhetts 🌎

The theme in this chapter is the glory of God, praise, grace, and prayer. Matthew Henry said this of Psalm 19, “There are two excellent books which the great God has published for the instruction and edification of the children of men; this psalm treats of them both, and recommends them both to our diligent

Video open-air preaching at an abortion mill, whereas many ‘professing’ Christians were present, and the police respond (all private conversations were removed)

xBy Gods grace today I was able to put my boots back on the ground. I bet these landscapers didn’t realize they would be attending a church service. That’s where pulpits should also be, in the gutters, the highways, hedges, and byways. Yesterday I had shared on Facebook that sadly many ‘professing’ Christians were at

Video of ‘A smack in the face from an Atheist,’ by Wretched

This atheist is more of a ‘believer’ than many professed ‘believers’ sitting in churches today. As expected coming from an atheist, his soteriology is skewed. This just “accept Jesus into your heart” is not Biblical. Other than that, this atheist is correct. I believe the Lord will use this atheist to convict those that are

3 Videos preaching “The dangers of John 3:16, easily believism, the whosoever verses, Tatsuo preaching in Japanese & a compilation of encounters, all preached in Beverly Hills

Today for many hours, four men  preached into the open-air to thousands of people. Some responded well to the Gospel message, some responded angrily, some complained to security, some called the police, and some did not respond at all. The team also distributed lots of tracts, and engaged in many one on one encounters. Evidently

Intolerant Atheists & Humanists force the Devaney family to remove their sons Cross Memorial from his accident scene, in the city of Lake Elsinore

Lake Elsinore, Calif. – In May of 2012, while walking across Lake Street at Temescal Canyon Road, 19-year-old Anthony Vincent Devaney was struck by a vehicle. Tragically Anthony succumbed to his fatal injuries. Anthony’s father (Chad) his mother (AnnMarie) and his sister (Mercedez) later erected a beautiful cross memorial alongside the street. However according to