Video of a California street preacher being arrested when a man is “offended by what he said”

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A man calls the police because he’s “offended by what he said to him.” So the officer arrests him for a misdemeanor charge of ‘disturbing the peace.’

Lie #1: The officer lied to the preacher. Because Calif penal code 415PC is a misdemeanor arrest.

The fact is, he was detained, arrested, and about to be cite released at the scene. The complaint, private citizen’s arrest form, and citation would now be forwarded to the district attorney (a prosecutor) for review.

Lie #2: The officer then says that he took his identification for “documentation purposes only.”

Truth is the officer ran him for warrants, which evidently he had one. So the preacher then gets hit twice. Once for open misdemeanor charge, and for a warrant from the past.

It’s sad (but Biblically expected,) that a Christian in America can now be arrested for 415PC (disturbing the peace,) if another person is “offended” by the Gospel.

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