“Angry Church Members,” by Kristine Harhoef

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Yesterday Facebook friend Kristine Harhoef posted this on her page. It’s obvious that Kristine has a respectful concern for both the health of the Lord’s church, and for the scattered sheep.  

There are so many bitter church members or ex-members on my news feed who are FULL of spiritual zeal, FULL of incredible talent for evangelism or Gospel-based mercy work, FULL of all sorts of genuinely excellent kingdom-minded interests…

but their giftings are on lock down (slowed down or hampered) because of lack of interest in any sort of meaningful way by their church authorities.

Yes, these individuals have a duty to still be under the authority of a local church with elders who keep watch over their souls (Heb. 13:17). No excuses for failing to fulfill their “one anothers” within the local body. No excuses for forsaking the formal, public assembly of the saints.

But, boy, it is painful to hear of these churches who do not shepherd, equip, and encourage the saints in the work of ministry where they have kingdom-minded interest and giftings.

Not every ministry works effectively by single individuals or families acting alone.

Most ministries require funding — best overseen through a local church. Often, the ones “doing” are not the ones capable of also “funding” all that needs “doing.”

The Body needs the talents and giftings within the Body working TOGETHER.

The lay people need to be encouraged that, yes, our primary responsibilities are to our families, but let us not be family idolaters, content only within the comfortable realm of “our people.” By all means, let us take our families WITH US into the field of souls, working together in good, solid kingdom-minded work when possible.

It is strange stuff to me when dear Christians come to our church abortion ministry for help with purchasing something as simple as Gospel tracts. Don’t get me wrong. We are pleased to “adopt” other church’s brethren via equipping their people for their Gospel endeavors. But why on earth are these dear brethren in good standing ignored within their own bodies?

I am saddened to regularly hear of dear saints, busy in kingdom-minded work, but in churches where only the elder’s ministry efforts are publicly acknowledged or prayed for.

Are we not all called to kingdom-minded work, both in our homes and out of it?

It is flat-out strange to hear of churches who heavily fund OVERSEAS missionary endeavors, but leave the missionary endeavors in their own backyard led by their own people with next to nothing in the form of supplies.

May the Lord grant church authorities a genuine interest in the kingdom-minded endeavors of the lay people. How your congregants would light up with even a simple “How is your ministry going lately?” over the next fellowship lunch.

May the Lord remove any irritation, anger, and bitterness within the congregants’ hearts as they are ignored and left ill-equipped. May He grant them a supernatural “bearing with others,” despite being provoked to anger at times.

And may He cause the giftings chained down within the church body to come UNLEASHED in the coming year with appropriate oversight and encouragement by the local church, causing an EXPLOSION of good fruit from congregants in addition to that of pulpit ministry.

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There are so many bitter church members or ex-members on my news feed who are FULL of spiritual zeal, FULL of incredible…

Posted by Kristine Harhoef on Monday, September 23, 2019

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