Video: Should Christians blend in with the world, or be unequally yolked to become effective?, by Tim Conway

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Tim ConwayRemember one of the marks of a healthy church, is not how big it is. Some of the healthiest churches are often the smaller churches. Pastor Tim teaches with a no frills, no thrills, what you see is what you get style. In this message, he answers a question in his weekly QnA Bible study.

What does the bible say about whom we should align ourselves with (or not?)

As he warned, “Watch for the guys even in our own church. Who are the loudest and most vehement in defending these kinds of things. And you just look and tell me, are they the Godliest among us. Are they the ones that you want to pattern your life after. Are they the ones that set the standard. Are they the ones that when you see them, you feel convicted. Or are they the ones… (that compromise.)” Pastor Tim Conway.

Pastor Tim, you’ve been tagged.

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