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Music video ‘In the Line Of Duty,’ by Jon Secada

“Line of Duty” is written and performed by Jon Secada and Joel Someillan, and was commissioned by the Dade County PBA as a means of promoting good relations and respect between law enforcement and the citizens they protect in every community across the nation. The concept for creating “Line of Duty” came from Dade County

The heresy of worshiptainment, by Mike Livingstone

This is a must read article for Christians. I watch the lifestyles (or walk) of the many professing Christians that endorse and attend this type of churchianity. I then compare them to the minority of professed Christians that do not. The fruit that I am seeing from the later few, is a sweet aroma to

Video of a young boy preaching the Gospel to wicked Jay-Z Concert goers

It’s amazing how many grown Christian men will hide behind a computer mouse (including some pastors,) criticizing open-air preachers. While this child displays more moral fortitude, and courage than them. To view another video of another 10-year-old boldly proclaiming the Gospel in the open-air, click here. Nowhere in the Scriptures are Christians told to wait once