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An Exposition of Psalm 76, by Pastor Bill Rhetts

While doing expository teaching on this chapter, I also applied the importance of believing in the God of these Scriptures. As one woman yesterday that was killing her child at an abortion mill, claimed to already believe in both God and Jesus. I also discussed the importance of the Doctrine of Divine Impassibility, as well

Franklin Graham, Kirk Cameron and others join hands with a heretic, a homosexual advocate, and worldly entertainers for the Hope Rising COVID-19 Benefit Concert 💲🤑💰

According to entertainment media icon TV Insider, many well-known professing Christians are joining hands with a heretic, a pro-homosexual advocate, and worldly entertainers to raise money for Franklin Graham’s Samaritan’s Purse ministry. TV Insider stated that, “Music has been a powerful source of comfort, hope and overall entertainment for so many during these uncertain times.

A PROFESSING “devout Christian” rapper was arrested for allegedly raping a quadriplegic in a vegetative state (her babies DNA shows him as the father)

According to this news source, another ‘professing’ Christian was arrested for serious sex crimes. The liberal media loves these stories, because this provides them an opportunity to exploit or slander a professing Christianity in a negative way. My intent here is not to help the liberal media further exploit Christianity, but to counter these stories

Clint Eastwood critiques “Christian music” (a satire video)

This is pretty clever. If Clint was saved, I’m sure he’d say the same thing. Truth is today’s man-centered “Christian music” has feminized and romanticized Jesus. But I really need to quit using that phrase “Christian music.” Because it’s an unbiblical oxymoron. Christ’s atonement was for sinners, not for a music genre. Therefore only a

BLASPHEMY ALERT: Professing Christian singer Lauren Daigle “loves” God being portrayed as a female, and imagines God being created in the image of man

Professing “Christian” singer Lauren Daigle is an egregious false teacher. In this short clip, she approves of God being depicted as a female in the heretical movie Shack. Furthermore she teaches that God was ‘created in our image,’ rather than the Biblical truth that ‘man was created in the image of God.’ She states she loves

Music video ‘In the Line Of Duty,’ by Jon Secada

“Line of Duty” is written and performed by Jon Secada and Joel Someillan, and was commissioned by the Dade County PBA as a means of promoting good relations and respect between law enforcement and the citizens they protect in every community across the nation. The concept for creating “Line of Duty” came from Dade County

The heresy of worshiptainment, by Mike Livingstone

This is a must read article for Christians. I watch the lifestyles (or walk) of the many professing Christians that endorse and attend this type of churchianity. I then compare them to the minority of professed Christians that do not. The fruit that I am seeing from the later few, is a sweet aroma to