Video of an Exegesis of Psalm 2, by Bill Rhetts (Christological, Prophetic, Prolific, Politically Incorrect & Biblically Correct)

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The outline is as follows.

1. In verses 1-3 the ‘Nations are raging’ (a Theological conspiracy theory)
A. The formality of their rebellion (2:1)
B. The force of their rebellion (2:2)
C. How America has ‘broken her bonds with Christ & cast away the cords’
D. The focus of their rebellion (2:3).

2. In verses 4-6 ‘God’s great scorn’
A. He speaks in derision (2:4)
B. He speaks in displeasure (2:5)
C. He speaks in determination (2:6).

3. In verses 7-9 ‘God’s glorious Son proclaims the decree’
A. His Sonship (2:7)
B. His Sovereignty (2:8)
C. His Severity (2:9)
D. An applicable video of me warning a hostile Satanist.

4. In verses 10-12 ‘God’s gracious Spirit
A. Advice is given to the Kings
B. To yield obedience to the Lord’s anointed
C. What it means to “Kiss the Son.”

“Just last week President Donald Trump ‘declassified’ more files in regards to the assassination of President JFK. That small portion of our history was an isolated incident, which has provoked the minds of America’s most prolific ‘conspiracy theorists.’ But this conspiracy in Psalm 2, is literally of ‘Biblical proportions.’  This conspiracy is not just one conspiracy against one sinful man (JFK). This conspiracy is against the first two distinct Persons of the Trinity. 1) God the Father and 2) God the Son. And the third Person of the Trinity, the ‘Holy Spirit’ has ‘declassified’ these files here in Psalm chapter 2.”

And as John Phillips said,

“Be wise, now, therefore. Be instructed, kiss the Son lest He be angry. This world has not seen the last of Jesus. Jesus is coming again, and He’s coming back in sovereign, omnipotent power, backed by the armies of heaven. Today, by His Spirit, He is offering terms of peace, and we can come and embrace Him, and be saved for all of eternity. The amnesty, however is not forever and will one day be withdrawn. Then men will face Christ as God’s avenging King.”

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