Author: Bill Rhetts

The Bushwhacker and his Massey Ferguson 931X

Since the day we bought this homestead, we knew our corrals and pastures needed work, and would require ongoing maintenance. Bushwhacking would be a good start. They were overcome with thick thistles that are not edible for our furry friends. At times our Donkey disappeared as he was searching for good grass to graze on.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom as President? 🤣

There’s speculation that Gavin Newsom the Governor of my previous state of Commifornia, whom I voted to recall, might run for President in 2024. If the man does, and if (if) he wins, we Southern states must do more than join hands by raising our Confederate Statement Flags (CSF). We must practice the principles of

Throwing hay, the modern way

We hired Crazy K Ranch to do some more work on our homestead. This time they brought in dump truck loads of topsoil to compliment the manure. After their excavation on the previous job, my goal now is to turn this dirt area into grass, rather than the slippery mud that the winter brings. As

An Evangelist known on YouTube & Facebook commits suicide

I’ve been reading Facebook posts and comments regarding a professing Christian that killed himself. For this blog post, let’s call him John Doe. Tantamount to how the world normalizes homosexuality, some professing Christians are minimalizing the weightiness of his sin of suicide. Some are lauding him as a “hero” for his evangelism efforts. Many are

We’re three months into being Tennesseans

Well, we’ve been residents of Tennessee for 12 weeks, and we’re ahead of schedule. Though I will not disclose all of the work we’ve completed on our homestead, last Friday was a busy day. One fellow began the construction of our livestock shelter in one of our pastures. Another company and their fine men replaced

Angus, Birds, Deer, Donkey & Fowl, all from the porch

Usually, the Deer congregate on the back side of our homestead, and they prefer the dark early morning hours. But this evening while taking a break on the front porch, I saw this White Tail Doe and was able to grab a zoomable camera just in time. It beats the city, that’s for darn sure.   

Half dollar size hailstorm warning via ham radio 👍⛈️⚡😁

An anomaly I could not understand in California was the high percentage and frequency of ham radio operators discussing the weather. Though I never participated on this net. On one local net, every day, every Ham would give a weather report. Sometimes they’ve have 30 check-ins. And because many of the Hams lived in the