Charles Spurgeon vs President Trump & Pence on COVID-19 & the White House scandal that’s worse than the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal, + 2 video clips & you ask why God sent this virus? – Podcast #25 ✔⭐🛑💯🔴❗❗

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It’s time to step-up the game on this subject, and turn-up the heat. In this Podcast I include a video of an incident that occurred in our present White House, that is far worse the Clinton – Lewinski scandal, but Republicans, and sadly most alleged Christians are OK with. I compare how Charles Spurgeon handled the Cholera virus compared to how most postmodern pastors handle the current COVID-19 pandemic.

I then end on a positive note with a video of how Christian doctors and nurses (as first responders) are dealing with this threat that they face head-on.

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