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Video of my warnings of the ‘Make Men Great Again’ event in Huntington Beach (a sheepdog alert – warning graphic content)

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In this video I share my thoughts on the ‘Make Men Great Again’ event. Sadly ‘professing’ Christians are promoting and standing behind this. I also include a video of their keynote speaker (take heed to my warning). I talk about Christians being unequally yoked with the world, egalitarianism, and reversed roles amongst both sexes (aka gender role confusion). And why it’s wrong to use this venue to “celebrate masculinity,” and/or to mentor men, and doing so with alcohol consumption.

I am thankful for the Godly men in my life that have Biblically rebuked me, when I was walking in unrepented sin. In my previous life I used to party, I used to use profanity. But when the Lord saved me (and thru sanctification), the old man died. That is what my water baptism declared and celebrated. Only by the grace of God, so go I.

Naturally the world will hate my message, but unnaturally many ‘professing’ Christians will to.

As Jesus said “And fear not ‘them’ which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear Him (God) which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell” (Matthew 10:28).

Nevertheless this is not what professing Christians should be aligning themselves with. This is one of many reasons why I left the Republican Party, it has been compromised and corrupted to the core.

“So-called progressive Christianity (theological liberalism) is essentially a political lobby. Their politics drive their theology. To them, politics are all-important. Apart from politics, their movement would utterly fall apart. It is a form of political idolatry. They are the equivalent of the cultural God and country Christians on the right.

On the other hand, for theological conservatives, the bible and theology informs their passion, devotion and thinking in all areas of life, and politics is merely one small part of what that theology informs. The life of the movement is not even slightly dependent on who is in power or what political policies are in place. They believe that God has ordained government and will vote their conscience (if they live in a democracy) and may feel very strongly about what are just policies, but the kingdom of God advances regardless of the policies in place or outcome of elections.

Don’t believe me? Go to the ministry page on Facebook of your favorite progressive Christian and count their political posts vs their posts about Christ over a one month period. It will be informative.” – Monergism Books


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