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Preached Isaiah 53 @ my Church – the Marrow of the Gospel

Today I preached this exposition of Isaiah chapter 52:13-15 thru 53:1-12 at my church. John 3:16 is one of the most misquoted verses in the Bible and is not the Gospel. What Christ endured on His cross is not the romanticized love story #BigEva tells. It was the Father’s Holy Hellbent Hatred of sin &

My Teaching on Isaiah 6:1-4, He is Prolific, Powerful & Prophetic

The sermon notes to this sermon, can be found below the embedded video. During the early church the book of Isaiah was known as the “fifth Gospel.” I could imagine how the Apostles used this book as their “gospel,” and how they lived out this message in their ministry. Though I’m not teaching thru the