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Video Preaching Christ at store on Christmas Eve Day

Today on Christmas Eve Day I finished my ‘Preaching Christ Crucified’ campaign at retail stores near you. During this campaign I preached inside and outside of stores throughout the Inland Empire. I distributed many Gospel tracts, prayed for people, and engaged in ‘one on one’ conversations. At times it almost seemed as if the Lord

Video preaching Christ crucified @ Costco during CHRISTmas season

Like last year during the “holiday season,” I have begun my ‘Preaching Christ Crucified’ campaign at retail stores near you. On this outreach Costco Management and security had me flanked fairly fast (understandably so). However they were very professional and very respectable. Consequently I did not get to finish my sermon. But by God’s grace,

Video ‘Evangelizing the 22nd Annual Festival of Lights in Riverside – preaching CHRIST into their “Holiday celebration” – using various methods of evangelism

Last night I used various methods of evangelism. Some of them were open-air preaching, crying out, calling out, stop light preaching, cross walk preaching, rapid tract distribution (RTD), as well as engaging in ‘one on one’ conversations. Lord willing the malls and stores are next. Below is a portion of that labor of love. .

The movie ‘Last Ounce of Courage,’ by Hellfighter Productions

The movie ‘Last Ounce of Courage,’ by Hellfighter Productions I recommend watching this excellent movie about God, country, patriotism, duty, honor, sacrifice, family, and being a freedom fighter. Our freedoms in this great country are rapidly eroding away. But most of the church is assuming the role of the proverbial ostrich with her head in

Video preaching to Bicyclists at Toys for Tots ride in Redlands

I saw on Facebook that bicyclists were participating in a ‘Toys for Tots’ ride today at 8:00AM. Usually these Redlands rides are huge, but todays was small. Most of them arrived at 7:55. Talk about a narrow window of opportunity. What a blessing the Christian was afterwards. Lord may You give the increase. “I am

Video preaching CHRISTmas to inmates at Rehabilitation Facility

While preaching at many department stores today, I was driving around praying where to go next. I looked over and saw this locked down rehabilitation facility, and outside there were two crowds. Although I did not get to finish this new 20 minute Christmas sermon, the Lord gave me a decent window of opportunity to