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Short video on ‘Those Silly little Boys,’ by Paul Washer

I love how Washer’s Chinese interpreter added to his comments. Washer said “You’re just a silly little boy playing games. And the problem is, some of you are thirty years or more.” The interpreter added two words… “even older.” This can be the same with cellphones, but perhaps worse. I’m a firm believer in leaving

Scathing Videos on ‘Ladies, what do your clothes say about you in or out of church?’ (Sermon jams on 1st Timothy 2:8-9- parts 1&2,) by CJ Mahaney

This message applies to Christian women, not non-believers visiting a church. Those within the church that refuse to respect Biblical modesty will probably unBiblcally judge this Pastors’ heart. They might even wrongfully call him a “legalist,” “self-righteous,” of even “unloving” for preaching the truth in love. These are adhomin attacks that the enemy throws up