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Evangelizing a generation of young adults (edited version)

As you’ll see in this Garmin generated graphic, while on my evangelcycle (bicycle) I covered lots of ground at the University of Redlands (UofR). Then by providence I unexpectedly saw a large event at the Redlands Bowl. And So I sowed Seeds until my Gospel tracts were gone. Music ‘I will be there,’ by Tom

Evangelizing Restaurant Drive-Thru’s via bicycle

Today while evangelizing every ‘fast food restaurant drive-thru’ in my city (except for one), I broke my cycling record (since being back on a bicycle). In both the length of my ride, and the total time. Not bad for where my heart health was not too long ago. I’m making my Pacemaker work over-time. This

Preaching the Gospel from my bicycle

I’m sharing this video because it’s a bit sentimental. The back door to my ‘investigations business’ used to be within this alley. But I closed it down to finish grad school, but since the full-time paid ministry opportunity didn’t work out, I ‘might’ start it up again. HI-CALIBER Investigations, it’s in the name! (CA. Lic.