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An Exposition of Psalm 18:13-19, by Pastor Bill Rhetts (part 2)

This sermon is part two of last weeks sermon (on verses 1-12). We continue this Theophany and supernatural warfare that God administered on behalf of David, and as He does for His elect.   C.H. Spurgeon said of verse 19, “He delivered me, because he delighted in me.” Free grace lies at the foundation. Rest

Videos of ‘The Gospel invasion of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, preached sermons into the open air, cried out repentance up and down the boulevard, two former gays give their testimony, and much more

Today we shared the Gospel on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. We distributed lots of Gospel tracts, engaged in one on one conversations, rebuked professed Christians, cried out repentance up and down the boulevard; and preached sermons on the box. There was also lots of mutual edification. We ran into many professed Christians that were