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Faith and Repentance: Which Comes First?, by Dr. Sinclair Buchanan Ferguson

It might be reasonable to say that public Heralds are the most criticized portion of the Lord’s Church, and sadly it frequently comes from professing Christians. The area that I am most criticized for by professing Christians, is that I often preach repentance. Professing Christians that are opponents of preaching repentance, will even wrongfully call

Video ‘What is Repentance and Faith?,’ by Voddie Baucham

What is Repentance and Faith?, by Voddie Baucham As Voddie said, “One must enter through the Narrow Gate (Jesus Christ) by Repentance and Faith.” Because there is no salvation without repentance. Being just a ‘believer,’ simply makes you not an atheist. This is a excerpt from his sermon “The wide and the Narrow Gate.” Pastor