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Kobe Bryant’s Religion & my analysis of Pastor Greg Laurie’s “thoughts” on Kobe – Podcast Eps. #17 🛑❗🛑❗

After watching the world commit unrepented continual idolatry over Kobe’s death, and then seeing Pastor Greg Laurie’s video on Kobe’s death, it’s time to say the following hard truths. Semper Reformanda! Greg Laurie’s aforementioned video can be seen here. To know more about ‘life after death,’ read my Gospel tract here. My article on the heretical

The heretical sinner’s prayer, and unbiblical altar calls

by Bill Rhetts, MA Copyright © 2014January 15th, 2014 (this is the abridged online version, re-written in 1st person) TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapters INTRODUCTION PERSONAL EXPERIENCES THE ORIGIN OF THE SINNERS PRAYERBiblical historyChurch history THE PROPONENTS DEFENSE CONCLUSION BIBLIOGRAPHY/FOOTNOTES CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION           This article comes after much prayer, and biblical council. My