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Half dollar size hailstorm warning via ham radio 👍⛈️⚡😁

An anomaly I could not understand in California was the high percentage and frequency of ham radio operators discussing the weather. Though I never participated on this net. On one local net, every day, every Ham would give a weather report. Sometimes they’ve have 30 check-ins. And because many of the Hams lived in the

A Lady Ham calling CQ mobile from Oregon – Ham Radio

Hearing a Ham call CQ mobile on HF is not common for me, and since this was a ‘7’ station, I answered her call. After listening further, it’s clear Michelle (KI7PON) was working a ‘parks on the air’ event with her “YL” (Tim – KD7WD), whereas hams work High Frequency from either a portable rig

Checking in w/ the ARMSG Net – Ham Radio K2PTL

I used to belong to the SATERN group on 20 meters, and for a brief season held a leadership position with the San Bernardino facility. But when I learned that this “Christian” organization in San Bernardino knowingly allowed homosexuals as members, and even in leadership, I resigned. Nonetheless, today I found Warren (a previous SATERN

A Clandestine Ham Radio in a Subaru – K2PTL

The below parts were all purchased at the Ham Radio Outlet (HRO).   Antenna mounting bracket – Comet RS-660U. Diamond Tri-Band Antenna – CR-320A Kenwood cig lighter charger – PG-3J Diamond Antenna RG16/RG8 combo cable kit – C211 HS-10 the leader into HT Kenwood KMC 45-D (speaker mic)