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Justin Peters warns that ‘moralism’ and ‘politics’ are not the role of the church, that abortion and homosexuality are a form of Gods judgement upon America

Interestingly, this presentation was given during the presidency of Barack Obama, way before the slogan “Make America great again” became popular. Peters warns that professing Christians should not be so fixed on making America better. Because the role of the church is not to make America better again, it’s to preach (or share) the true

A must see seminar on ‘A Call for Discernment,’ by Justin Peters, M.Div., ThM (Sessions 1-3 Dangerous Doctrines, Mangled Manifestations, & The Hurt of Healing)

Justin Peters, M.Div., ThM gave a comprehensive analysis of many false teachers, and their false teachings. Peter’s seminar is on the ‘Word of Faith’ movement, which includes various false doctrines. As he stated, some of these false doctrines have crepted into “conservative evangelical” churches. This seminar was given four years ago. I cannot speak on