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Video open-air preaching from Malachi 4 outside a Federal building

What the fellow said at the end, is an all too common claim heard by the unregenerate, “You’re disturbing the peace.” My response to him was Biblical. For further, see my video teaching on ‘The Great White Throne Judgment (with violence, Jesus casts them into hell – Rev 20:11-15).’ It’s been said “people on earth

Video of an expository teaching on Malachi Chapter 4 (Prophecy, the Return of Christ, Gods judgment, wrath, mercy, love, protection & His Biblical way of salvation), by Bill Rhetts

This is an expository teaching on Malachi Chapter 4 (the last chapter of the Old Testament). Included in these 6 verses are lots of action, and the prophetic words from the Prophet Malachi. Also included is Gods judgment, Gods destruction, God’s wrath, Gods love, and Gods protection for His church. I also included a plea