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What is a Regulative Principle of Worship? Visiting another Church

Recently after visiting another church, I posted the following on my Facebook wall. “Visited another church this morning. Immediately upon entering the building it looked like a scene from the movie Jaws. Then the sanctuary looked like the beach, even a surfboard, shorts, and guitars on the stage. I’ve come to accept that there’s no

More reasons why I am against livestreaming church services

I understand most professing Christians that are a proponent of livestreaming will disagree with me. But I’m not trying to change their minds, nor will I argue with them on social media. If it’s God’s will, He will change their minds. And if I’m wrong, then perhaps He’ll change mine. If you disagree with me,

What is a church sanctuary?

Disclaimer: Though architecture is important, I am not speaking in the context of the architecture of the building. Nonetheless, I am speaking of how the congregation meets. Let me first say what a sanctuary is not. The sanctuary of a church is not a country club, a social club, a recreational room, a community center,