A lecture on “Evangelicals and Catholics Together? Reconciling the Unreconcilable” by professor Barrett Gritters (Hope Protestant Reformed Church in Redlands, Calif.)

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Back when my wife and I were looking for a solid church, Hope Protestant Reformed Church of Redlands was one of those that we examined. Without a doubt, out of the many we visited, HPC was the most strict, disciplined, and orthodox; and that’s a great quality. You will find no greasy grace or sloppy agape there.

Today I was sent this video of a recent lecture given by Professor Barrett Gritters, at Redlands PRC.

Gritters warned how so many “evangelicals” today have reconciled with the Roman Catholic religion. But not only evangelicals, well known reformers such as John Piper, J.I. Packer, the Calvin Seminary, and many Presbyterians have partnered with Rome. (Piper also practices egalitarianism and contemplative prayer with Beth Moore).

Gritters also warned of the “protestant popery” amongst Protestants, and those that are in agreement with Rome, cannot be saved.

Decades ago the Lord delivered me from Rome, I don’t plan on looking back, nor being part of a protestant church that compromises in this area.

You will need to fast forward to timestamp 05.20.

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