A must see scathing sermon jam on ‘What Biblical repentance is, and the process of how repentance takes place,’ by David Pawson

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A must see 13 minute video on what Biblical repentance is, and the process of how repentance takes place.

I love the story about the young lady that was living with her boyfriend (aka fornication.) Had she called into an Orange County – So Calif. based ‘Christian’ radio program for advice, she would have been told “Oh that’s just the Devil trying to make you feel bad.”
Recently another caller called into this same radio program professing to have been “saved for 12 years.” He told the pastors that he doubted his salvation because he was still “addicted” to many sins. Both pastors immediately told him that he was saved even though he had not repented, nor bared the fruit or evidence of salvation.  However that type of unbiblical response is expected from one of those two pastors. Not too long ago he unbiblically divorced his wife, and remarried another woman (aka adultery). Sadly most professed believers that listen to this show are OK with that.

Thank God for men like Pawson, that have the Biblical courage to tell the truth in love. That’s Biblical love.

This video is indispensably eternally important. Because there is no salvation without repentance, and there is no forgiveness of our sins without repentance. Since ‘God grants repentance’ (Acts 11:18, 2 Timothy 2:25), if there is no repentance; then there was no salvation. Jesus warned in Luke 13:3 “I tell you, no; but unless you repent you will all likewise perish.”

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