A must see video message on ‘Authentic Christianity,’ by Michael Durham

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Today we see the growing trend of professing Christians assimilating to their culture, even to sinful lifestyles; in hopes that they would be accepted by the world. They claim to do this so that “They’ll Jesus inside me” etcetera etcetera. Oh how blasphemous, and man-centered that unbiblical nonsense is.

As pastor Michael Durham said –

“And if you are faithful to the message of Jesus Christ, you will not be accepted by your culture. It is a sad thing that so many of us, believe that if we could just gain the acceptance of the people we’re trying to reach, to get them to like us, to respect us, Well then we could give them the Gospel. My friends that is a dangerous path that leads to nowhere. It has never worked in the past, and it shall never work in the future. You must understand that if you’re faithful to authentic Christianity, you will be despised.”

Then to add bad doctrine to their bad Theology, when and if they do use Gods Word. They commit Theological malpractice by sharing verses that are meant only for the saved, and/or by cutting and pasting Gods Word out of context.

Professing Christian if that is you, repent, and let this teaching correct and edify you in Christ. This video only begins to scratch the surface of sanctification, it is a teaching out of 1 Corinthians 1. The volume starts off low, but it improves.

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