A Pastor is arrested at a Redlands Movie Theater, for preaching inside the theater

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I generally don’t say negative things about street preachers, but this occurred here in my small town of Redlands, and it is important to discuss. Though I’ve never preached inside a movie theater, and I don’t intend to. Nevertheless what was troubling to me was not this pastor’s method, but his message.

According to The Christian Post, this pastor reads from a script reciting the unbiblical cliché, “God loves you, and that He has a wonderful plan for your life…” This message is straight from the hellbound pulpits of Joel Osteen and Rick Warren (and others alike). Though God does have an amazing love for His bride (His church), to see what God hates, watch my teaching on Psalm 5:4-6.

His legal problems are nothing compared to having to give an account to God for failing to teach the whole counsel of God, both His goodness and severity. Hence, he has the blood of many men upon his hands (Acts 20:26-27). Then of course his unbiblical mystical sinner’s prayer adds more insult to injury. This type of evangelicalism is what creates false converts.

Another observation is that it’s wise to wear a camera, or audio record your own preaching. Sadly these movie goers lied about this pastor, even causing the police to respond with rifles and shotguns (rightfully so). People lie about street preachers all the time, even professing Christians.

On the positive side, this pastor is absolutely correct regarding the widespread apathy of most local churches in this area, so I do praise the Lord for his zeal. Please say a prayer for this pastor, it is only by God’s grace that I haven’t been arrested yet.

Missionary and Bible teacher Paul Washer has some strong words about this type of unbiblical man-centered evangelism, watch here.

For more about this story, watch this video, and click on the Christian Post article here.

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