A Roman Catholic woman opposes Pastor Chuck O’Neal’s pleading, claims “the Spirit called me” to rebuke him

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In the interest of being objective, this Roman Catholic is not much different than a majority of today’s professing Protestants. Whom will go out of their way to either silence Heralds, or lodge complaints against them. Though I call them “professing believers,” my 1689 LBCF refers to some as “temporary believers.”

As I’ve warned for many years now. There’s a masculinity crisis amongst today’s westernized Christendom. Whereas either feminists and/or demasculinized men desire to either rule over, or spiritually neuter Christian men. Thankfully Pastor Chuck has not acquiesced to their demands.

Regarding the man heard in the background that was giving candy and gifts to those preparing to murder their children, he reminds me of the following experience. While laboring the Gospel outside an abortion mill in San Bernardino, Chuck Stiefken (a professing Christian) of the San Bernardino Pregnancy Counseling Center would curse at us for preaching, or raising our voice. He would then accommodate the abortion mill employees by delivering them donuts, and sometimes he would even take the abortionist out to lunch (aka friendship evangelism).

Nowhere in the Scriptures are Christians told to “connect” with worldlings, nor accommodate them, but we are commanded to apply and demonstrate the rarely obeyed commands of Ephesians 5:1-21.

Thank you Pastor Chuck O’Neal for your consistent steadfastness in the streets. It’s a dirty job, but somebodies got to do it, and I stand behind you. 🙂

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